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Breaking down the Cloud myths:

The Cloud isn’t the scary, insecure place that the media have made it out to be. In fact, it’s much safer than hosting your data in-house.

From a GDPR perspective, managing your own server leaves the liability for any security breach on you and anyone who accesses that server. Hosting in the Cloud offers much higher levels of security, resilience and very simple disaster recovery.

Unless your servers have three or more power supplies from different utility companies, Uninteruptable Power Supply batteries to keep them running until the backup generator kicks in during power cuts and multiple broadband connections, you are hard pressed to match the up-time of a high quality datacentre, not to mention the multi-million pound additional security features such as DDoS protection. 

Are you looking to move away from on-site servers and considering a Cloud migration? We can help you to better understand the pros and cons of migrating to Cloud platforms or working with a mix of on and off-site server infrastructure.


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