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Doug Tracey

Doug Tracey


Doug Tracey

Founder and Director of DT Innovation Limited

Doug was inspired to incorporate the company primarily as a result of his passion for, and expertise in, technology and business development, but also out of frustration. In his previous career as a business growth advisor, Doug was saddened to see so many companies being taken advantage of via bewildering jargon and unclear and unqualified costs estimates (with service providers seemingly being reliant on their customers’ lack of understanding of all things tech). All too often, companies he worked with were being led to believe by their suppliers that they needed to spend more to achieve more.

Doug’s firm belief is that this is not always the case. DT Innovation’s objective is to support and educate business owners to help them understand the basics of the technology they are outsourcing or managing in-house. We also support by explaining how to tracking the return on the investments (ROI) they are making in respect of all their IT and Digital Marketing  expenditure.

Having worked as a Digital Growth Advisor within the Business Growth Hub for three years, Doug has been lucky enough to work with a diverse range of companies throughout the Greater Manchester region promoting incredible and innovative, products and services.

Our support has resulted in significant and verifiable savings for these clients in respect of their IT infrastructure expenditure, as well as propelled their websites to the top of Google searches in a number of instances.

Feedback from the companies we have worked with is that I have been invaluable in helping them optimise business outputs I and have also provided a much-needed sounding board and helpline for all their technological queries or concerns.  I am committed to continuing and developing that support for companies within Greater Manchester, and beyond, through DT Innovation. 


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